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Choosing a website builder software isn't an easy task. There is a lot of options out in the market and everyone tell you why they are the best. So... we got you covered, we found and arranged the best website builder software in a simple top 10 table. So now you can stop searching and click on the best option.
Also make sure, after using one of the software, to rate or review the different softwares, it'll help us make a better product for everyone.
This list include some of the most branded names in the website builder industry like: SITE123,, websitebuilder, Wix, and we happy to have them with us.
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My five stars for SITE123 website maker

I was really surprised that after only a few minutes with SITE123, I knew that it would be my chosen web builder for the launch of my new online store. I admit that I still haven't totally gotten a grip on each and every feature the site has to offer, but the ones that I have tried out for myself have been a pleasant surprise. I have a long history of managing different websites for my personal blog, professional portfolio, and place to show off all of my handmade goods, and to be honest I thought this web builder was just going to be another run of the mill platform that I had seen a thousand times before. The thing that has surprised me though is how versatile it is, and I'm now able to take care of all of these needs at once, in a way that is so easy and inexpensive. Now that I've started building my online store, I don't think I'll be needing my other websites, since SITE123 makes managing everything so easy. For me, the biggest issue is always time management, and so I have been on the hunt for a site manager that would be quick for me to pick up in the short term, but also allow me to make easy updates in the long term. Even though I have only spent a few days with this free website builder, it is quickly dawning on me that building my virtual pages here will be the best way for me to save time and effort. For those who don't know, e-commerce sites take a bit more love and care than a simple blog or social media page. Managing incoming orders, keeping fresh and interesting pages for merchandise, making sure the entire site is nice to look at and easy to navigate - all of it takes a lot of effort and upkeep. There are tons of free website builders online, but most of them fall victim to unnecessary complexity, difficult controls, overbearing fees, or a lack of complexity that can add up a waste of time on my part. I think my favorite feature that SITE123 has perfected for their e-commerce users is their custom shopping cart, which I can say from experience is great. The process is easy enough for customers to make their purchase in just a few clicks, but also has the sophistication to accommodate all of the different goods I offer through my store. The other perks that SITE123 allows me to add on are great supplements as well: live chat, live phone support, and email ticketing are all now active on my page, and I am sure will help sort out any and all issues as they crop up. The other unexpected perk that was a pleasant surprise are the weekly reports that show up in my inbox, letting me know how my business is doing. With such a long to-do list, it is sometimes hard for me to make time to sit back and reflect on where my business is going and what may or may not need attention from me. After my first week on SITE123 I was sent a full report which summed up my sales, page views, and everything else I needed to know. Now I look forward to these reports every week, and they have become a core part of my business strategy. And also, for those not yet sure how to make a website, SITE123 is a great option. Since the interface is so simple and straightforward, beginners won't have to get bogged down in complicated controls and overly steep learning curves. While this free website builder is flexible and advanced enough to give me everything I need for my own e-commerce site, it is also a tool I would recommend to my friends and acquaintances who are just starting out. Even if you're not sure how you want your page to look, or are still in the process of developing some fresh content, SITE123 is an awesome place to bring these raw ideas to life. In short, I can't praise SITE123 enough for everything it has done for my e-commerce store. So much more than a run-of-the-mill free site builder, it comes with all of the features my business needs to survive and thrive. This would be my first recommendation to anyone and everyone who is looking for a new place to host their online store. Whether you are a brand new business, or a longstanding store looking for a new place to offer your goods, I am positive that SITE123 will have what you are looking for. And don't just take my word for it - give it a shot for yourself!